How can a small, Swedish family business be world leading in its niche?

Maybe it's because our niche is narrow. We are totally focused on taxi roof signs and have been so for decades. Or maybe it's because we value quality in everything that we do, or because we value our customers so much and put every effort to satisfy them. Join me on the journey about how Pointguard has gone from two brothers with an idea in a garage to a world leading, modern and agile product development company.

Jesper Flygt, CEO


...two brothers were annoyed with the school children warning signs at the time. They took the matter into their own hands and their innovation, the first roof mounted school children warning sign, became the norm that the Swedish law was later written after. It also became the start of a long innovation journey with a strong focus on taxi roof signs. Today Pointguard is still a family company, but has developed into a modern, agile company that develops smart roof signs and other high-tech products that create new values for taxi companies and authorities around the world.


We work long term and are dedicated and personal

As a family-owned company Pointguard has no limiting demands for short-term profits from external shareholders. Instead our focus is long-term and what is best for our customers and us in the long run. Close relations with our customers are important to us: we help our clients to do better business and work very hard to make sure that all our customers get good service and a warm welcoming.




You can be sure that Pointguard products are high end, quality products. We always deliver the best possible and do our absolute best to keep our customers satisfied. We believe that the basic condition to deliver this to our customers is a combination of small size organization with short decision making and a strong personal commitment and narrow customer focus.



Innovation has always been one of Pointguard's key competitive advantages and for us this is about the willingness to change, innovate and constantly challenge ourselves and our products to new technical platforms, modern design and other solution that gives our products added values. With a narrow customer focus we hope to be more responsive to our customer needs and therefore also provide products and services with a higher degree of innovation and satisfaction than our competitors.



Flexibility symbolizes the Pointguard's ability to adapt the company and its products according to the terms and conditions that apply to both us and our customers. More specifically this is about our ability to deliver and introduce flexible solutions and fixings when it comes to installation and usage of our products.

The roof sign is the most visible communicator of your brand

Make sure your roof sign stands out. People remember your brand from it, so make it count.

To survive and reach success on a competitive market requires a strong company brand. The companies that work hardest with their brand and identity are usually the ones that are most successful. A consistent and clear communication of the company brand is therefore an important part in every company's profiling.
An illuminated roof sign is vital, because it ensures that your customers can recognize your brand, both day and night. Pointguard has the products, experience and knowledge to make sure your brand is being highlighted.

Taxi Roof Signs

Roof signs, Roof lights, Top lights, Dome lights

A dear child has many names and to everyone at Pointguard taxi roof signs is in the center, every day, all year round. That is our strength! Although Pointguard is not the world's largest manufacturer of taxi roof signs, we dare promise that we are in the absolute top when it comes to focusing on and having experience from and competence in taxi roof signs. It's not just something that we say, but in a number of international comparisons and evaluations we have also been top ranked compared with the other international suppliers.


The taxi roof sign is not just a sign that shows if a taxi is vacant or not, but it is the most characteristic and perhaps most visible property of a taxi vehicle. The roof sign is also not just a way of distinguishing a taxi from other vehicles, but it also offers the ultimate exposure of the company logo, which helps the customer recognize your brand from others. After more than 40 years in the business we know that the taxi roof sign is one of the most important tools to establish and maintain a strong, competitive brand.

Choose from 50+ designs
or let us create a unique design just for you

You won't find as many good looking roof sign designs elsewhere

We have been creating taxi roof signs for over 40 years and can offer more than 50 unique roof sign shapes that can be branded in an endless amount of ways to suit your brand.

No other supplier in the world can offer such a wide variety of great looking roof signs!

Product Development

Innovation has always been
fundamental for Pointguard

Innovation and product development has been essential for Pointguard through the company's 40-year history and during the last years it has intensified and evolved so much that it now is Pointguard's hallmark. Today we use CAD-tools, iterative product development with prototyping (3D-printing, SLS, SLA, silicon molds, etc) and have a strong team of industrial designers, engineers, electronics engineers, software- and app developers, etc.

Pointguard's Product Development Process

We make new, unique roof sign models every year

At Pointguard we daily work with product development and have extensive experience of making custom designs and products that fulfill the customers' requests regarding both form and function. Because we both have inhouse industrial designers and mechanical engineers, we can already at an early stage ensure that the design not only is good looking, but also producible at a reasonable cost.

Pointguard has developed an extensive product development process that can be followed every time without missing any vital steps. We start from the customer's wishes and requests and based on this a digital concept is created. Together with the customer we evaluate this concept in an iterative process where we also produce physical prototypes that are evaluated and tested according to a number of criteria.

At the same time the design and construction is improved iteratively until we have developed a product that lives up to, or exceeds, the customer's expectations regarding form, function, maintainability and cost. Depending on how many products need to be produced, we choose together which production method and location to use. Pointguard have well established relations with tool makers and producers both in Sweden and abroad to suit all types of situations.

Built for all climates

Pointguard roof signs are built to withstand all kinds of weather and are experiencing the widest range of climate zones in the field. From Monsoon-like rainstorms @EcoCaddy in Adelaide/Australia to freezing cold @Nuuk Taxi in Nuuk/Greenland and blistering hot sandstorms @ The Airport Taxi in Abu Dhabi/UAE.

Pointguard roof signs are built to last, no matter where in the world you use them!

The Future is Digital

Welcome the iToplight - The Smartest Taxi Roof Light

Pointguard's new, smart roof signs are so much more than signs that just highlight your brand. We call them iToplights and they mark the start of a new era in taxi roof signage. The iToplight is equipped with a bright LED-display that adapts its brightness to the ambient light. It can show the status of the taxi, price information, public messages or advertisements. It is equipped with sensors and it can adapt its messages to when and where it is. It is also connected to Pointguard's cloud backend where the fleet owner can maintain his iToplights, update their configurations, send messages to one or many iToplights and more.

The iToplight is already integrated with several popular apps, taximeters and mobile data terminals and Pointguard's 3rd party API makes integrating with new partners very easy.


”I got to say, I love your iToplight range! I scoured the internet and your product is second to none!

It's the future and there is nothing quite like them”

Daniels Langeberg, CEO and Founder, EcoCaddy, Adelaide, Australia


Below are some of the iToplights features and functions. Read on to see what makes the iToplight so special.


Customers can now clearly see and understand if your taxis are booked, vacant or busy


With the iToplight messages can be adapted to the audience and context


The iToplight can automatically switch between multiple languages, e.g. your local language and English


The iToplight statuses and messages are fully customizable and can be controlled either from the taximeter, in car computer or from Pointguard's mobile app


The iToplight supports and can control several external lights zones that can be used for status LEDs, a rear lit zone or even an illuminated advertising zone


The iToplight's LED display is bright enough to be visible in daylight and can show messages in either two or three colors


The display supports both text messages and bitmaps, so there are no limitations to what you can show


The iToplight supports several text modes: standard and bold typefaces, scrolling in multiple directions, etc.

iToplight - Join the Smart Taxi Movement


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